Contributing to an Intact Environment

An intact environment is essential for our company and the entire value chain. That is why we focus on protecting the environment and reducing the ecological footprint of our chocolate and its packaging.

Biodiversity and Ecosystems

When it comes to preserving biodiversity and ecosystems, we focus in particular on stopping deforestation in cocoa growing areas. To meet this challenge, we have developed and published a "No Deforestation and Agroforestry" action plan for all countries of origin. In addition, promoting biodiversity with ecologically compatible farming methods and encouraging cocoa diversity are also key elements of the Lindt & Sprüngli Sustainability Plan.

CO2 and Climate

We continuously reduce both our direct greenhouse gas emissions and our energy consumption. This is an important contribution to mitigating climate change, which we recognize as a threat to our environment. We also take our responsibility within the supply chain seriously through our measures in the priority areas of rural development, human rights in the supply chain, and biodiversity and ecosystems.


We regard water as a valuable resource and - as one of our direct measures - we are continuously reducing our consumption of water from municipal water supplies. With additional measures in the focus areas of rural development and human rights in the supply chain, we also assume our responsibility within the supply chain.

Waste and Recycling

We are reducing our material waste during production by steadily optimizing our processes. Furthermore, our product packaging will be evaluated and - where necessary - improved in the coming years to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.