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The Lindt GOLD BUNNY Hops in Easter Nests all around the World

Today, the Lindt GOLD BUNNY is one of the most famous Lindt chocolate products, sold all over the world. Since its creation in 1952, it is hard to imagine Easter without the bunny, and children are not the only ones enchanted by this iconic Easter fixture.

Capturing Hearts with a Little Jump

The Lindt GOLD BUNNY, with its softly tinkling bell on a red ribbon is one of the most charming examples of delicate Lindt chocolate. Today, more than 160 million Lindt Gold Bunnies are hopping around the world per year. If you line up every Lindt GOLD BUNNY sold in a year, they would result in a distance of roughly 9.800km – that’s more than the distance from our headquarters in Kilchberg, Switzerland, to San Diego, California!


The Saga of the Lindt GOLD BUNNY Creation

The first Lindt GOLD BUNNY saw the light of day in 1952. The story goes that one spring morning, a Master Chocolatier was watching a small bunny in his garden. His young daughter was completely mesmerized when she saw the little bunny but began to cry as soon as it disappeared into the bushes. The father then had a brilliant idea: “I should make a bunny like that out of chocolate ...” He crafted a bunny from the finest milk chocolate, wrapped it in a golden foil and tied a golden bell on a red ribbon around its neck so it would not get lost. And so, the very first Lindt GOLD BUNNY was born and started hopping its way around the world.

Different Sizes and Flavors of the Lindt GOLD BUNNY meet every Individual Taste

The Lindt GOLD BUNNY charms everyone from young to old. After all, it is one of the most delicate and iconic gifts for those returning home to their loved ones for the Easter holidays. To meet every individual taste, there is the cute Lindt GOLD BUNNY made of milk, dark, white and hazelnut chocolate. This sweet icon also comes in 6 sizes: From 10g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g up to 1kg.

Every 1 kg and 500g Lindt GOLD BUNNY is lovingly hand-wrapped and then polished by hand with a soft glove to make sure that each Bunny's golden coat shines. It takes about an hour to make a Lindt GOLD BUNNY from start to finish, with the final touch being the addition of the hand-placed red ribbon, which has a little bell attached to it.


Special Editions

Although the iconic bunny has been hopping around since decades, it is not yet an oldy but a true trendsetter. Since 2015, our Easter icon, which is never out of fashion, also chose a new look. The Lindt GOLD BUNNY special editions add a stylish twist to its golden coat. In animal print, the limited flower edition and the enchanting Hawaii design, the trendy Lindt GOLD BUNNY is fit for staring in Easter nests all around the world and in those of true fashionistas.