To obtain sustainable and high-quality cocoa, sugar, milk and nuts, Lindt & Sprüngli needs to know where the ingredients come from and who produces them. This ensures that our ingredients not only meet the highest quality standards, but also enables us to improve ethical and sustainability standards.

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The majority of Lindt & Sprüngli’s ingredients are of pure natural origin. We go considerable lengths, to ensure the sustainability of these ingredients: 

  • Cocoa is our main ingredient. It is grown in approximately 45 different countries worldwide, all located in a narrow climatic band of approximately +/- 20 degrees around the equator. Because of its unique flavor, Lindt & Sprüngli uses an exceptionally high proportion of the fine flavor beans from Ecuador, Madagascar,  Papua New Guinea and the Dominican Republic. Our consumer cocoa beans originate from Ghana in West Africa. Due to the reliable availability of high-quality cocoa beans, Lindt & Sprüngli purchases 100% of its consumer cocoa beans exclusively from Ghana.
  • We develop few but long-term relationships with local suppliers of milk and sugar in Europe and the USA. This allows the company to share the Lindt & Sprüngli proprietary information for milk powder production and to familiarize itself with the regions and milk producers.
  • We source our almonds mainly from California and our hazelnuts from Italy and Turkey.

Tracing our ingredients back to their origin allows identifying the best ways of enabling local farmers and communities to improve their livelihoods.

Origin of Lindt & Sprüngli premium chocolate key ingredients


- Consumer cocoa beans (Forastero) - Exclusively from Ghana.

- Flavor cocoa beans (Criollo / Trinitario) - From Ecuador, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and the Dominican Republic.

- Cocoa butter - Sourced from third party suppliers with beans from West Africa, Indonesia and Ecuador.

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Close relationship with local suppliers. In Europe, sugar is mainly made from sugar beet, while in the USA it comes from both sugar beet and sugar cane.


Close relationship with local suppliers in Europe and the USA.


Hazelnuts from Italy and Turkey.

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Almonds mainly from California.