Material efficiency

Packaging is an important component of the production chain of Lindt & Sprüngli; its essential function is to protect the valuable chocolate. High quality packaging material protects the contents from damage during transport and handling, from light exposure, and from odor transfer. Hence, the materials that are used at Lindt & Sprüngli have to fulfill the highest standards of composition, stability, hygiene and odor neutrality.

Hauchdünn, extra thins

To minimize environmental impacts of packaging material, Lindt & Sprüngli is set on using recyclable materials if the stringent quality standards allow. Following several tests with alternative materials, Lindt & Sprüngli found that aluminum foil is hygienic and provides the best protection for the products from odor, temperature and light. Lindt & Sprüngli continues its research in this area in order to work on reducing material usage. Many Lindt & Sprüngli seasonal products are however bought as gifts, therefore their packaging tends to be significantly larger than for daily products.