Customer and consumer satisfaction

Customer and consumer satisfaction is key to our business success - today and tomorrow. To ensure that we meet our consumers’ expectations whenever possible, we continuously analyze their needs and expectations. The resulting findings feed into our high-quality products and help us to bring innovative new products to the market on a regular basis.

Customer Satisfaction-Lindt & Sprüngli

To get to know our consumers’ expectations, we test the taste and quality of our products with consumers regularly. In addition, we also continuously observe and track new consumer trends and possible issues in relation to our products. Depending on the relevance and development of the issue, we take action and adapt our policies and processes accordingly.

If consumers have specific questions or concerns they can get in direct contact with us anytime. On the one hand, our sales people in more than 410 own shops answer consumers' questions. On the other hand, consumer can also address any concerns thay may have to our consumer service directly. Consumers can also get in touch via the feedback form in our packaging. Our customer and consumer service specialists are constantly trained, and we continue to look for ways to improve cooperation between our different divisions in order to ensure that customer and consumer inquiries continue to be handled effectively.