Sustainability organization

The Sustainability Committee consists of three members of the Board of Directors. It supports the Board of Directors in setting the strategic direction for company activities, while aiming for comprehensive sustainable management. The Committee is responsible for the development and adaption of all internationally applicable corporate policies in this area, and for monitoring compliance with legal aspects. The Committee meets as often as business requires, but at least once a year.

The Group Management ensures the implementation of the strategic decisions. Sustainability Management coordinates all sustainability activities at Lindt & Sprüngli and supports the Sustainability Executive Team, comprising representatives from Human Resources, Marketing, Legal, Research & Development/Quality Assurance, Operations as well as Corporate Communications, with delivery of sustainability goals.

The Sustainability Executive Team meets every two to three months and is also responsible for Lindt & Sprüngli subsidiaries. It ensures that things are implemented at a local level based on the policies of Lindt & Sprüngli International. Each Lindt & Sprüngli Group company has one sustainability representative to ensure end-to-end communication between the Group and the respective subsidiary. In addition, each subsidiary appoints one responsible for health and safety management and another for environmental management.