Lindt & Sprüngli Sustainability Memberships & Partnerships

Engaging with Lindt & Sprüngli’s stakeholders is a central element of our sustainability approach. Lindt & Sprüngli has numerous sustainability memberships and engagements with international organizations and multi-stakeholder initiatives to discuss universal challenges and help create broader change.

Since 2005

World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)

The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) is an international membership organization that promotes sustainability in the cocoa sector by providing cocoa farmers with the support they need to grow high quality cocoa and strengthen their communities.

Lindt & Sprüngli has been a member of WCF since 2015, and regularly supports specific projects and initiatives of the organization, including the Cocoa & Forests Initiative (CFI) to end deforestation and restore forest areas.

Logo of the World Cocoa Foundation depicting a branch with leaves and a cocoa pod.
Logo of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil with a palm tree
Since 2008

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) promotes the growth and use of sustainable palm oil through co-operation within the supply chain.

Lindt & Sprüngli has been a member of RSPO since 2008. Since 2015, Lindt & Sprüngli has sourced 100% of its palm oil, palm kernel oil, and their fractions, with RSPO certification. The Group reports yearly to the RSPO on its progress.

Dr. Rudolf K. Sprüngli (CH)

Since 2016

Earthworm Foundation

The Earthworm Foundation is a non-profit organization working with global companies, NGOs and communities to transform supply chains for people and nature.

In 2015, Lindt & Sprüngli started working with the Earthworm Foundation as an external assessment partner and became an official member in 2016. At least once a year, the Earthworm Foundation visits and evaluates each of the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Programs. Progress is regularly communicated on the Earthworm Foundation Transparency Hub.  

Earthworm Logo
UN Global Compact Logo with globe
Since 2009

UN Global Compact

The UN Global Compact (UNGC) aims to align business operations and strategies with ten principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption; and drive strategic business actions to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with an emphasis on collaboration and innovation.

As a UN Global Compact member, Lindt & Sprüngli reports yearly on its progress against the UNGC principles (see Sustainability Report).

Since 2007

Carbon Disclosure Project

Aims of the Carbon Disclosure Project: Requesting information on greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and the risks and opportunities from climate change on behalf of institutional investors.

Lindt & Sprüngli discloses information on greenhouse gas emissions to institutional investors and benchmarks the results with peer companies.

Carbon Disclosure Project Logo
Swissco logo with cocoa bean
Since 2018

National Initiatives on Sustainable Cocoa in Europe (ISCOs)

The National Initiatives on Sustainable Cocoa in Europe (ISCOs) are multi-stakeholder initiatives for more sustainability in the cocoa value chain. They foster collaboration between the cocoa and chocolate industry, the public sector, non-governmental organizations, and research institutes. Together, ISCO members actively engage on topics including improving the living conditions of cocoa farmers, protecting natural resources, and promoting biodiversity in cocoa producing countries.

SWISSCO (Since 2018)
The Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa (SWISSCO): Lindt & Sprüngli (Switzerland) AG and the Lindt Cocoa Foundation have been active members since its foundation in January 2018 and also participate in its working groups.

GISCO (Since 2014)
The German Platform for Sustainable Cocoa (GISCO): Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli GmbH has been an active member since 2014.

Since 2017

Cocoa & Forests Initiative (CFI)

The Cocoa & Forests Initiative (CFI) is a public-private partnership to end cocoa-related deforestation and forest degradation and promote forest restoration. The governments of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana and 35 cocoa and chocolate companies collaborate within the framework of CFI with other stakeholders such as NGOs, farmer organizations and civil society organizations on the development and implementation of business-driven solutions. CFI is driven by the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF); IDH - the Sustainable Trade Initiative; and the Governments of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.

It contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 13 (Climate Action) and 15 (Life on Land) and is aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement.

As active member of the CFI since 2017, Lindt & Sprüngli reports on progress on an annual basis (see No-Deforestation & Agroforestry Progress Report).

Carbon Disclosure Project Logo
SPC logo
Since 2021

Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC)

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) aims to bring sustainable packaging stakeholders together to catalyze actionable improvements to packaging systems and lend an authoritative voice on issues related to packaging sustainability.

Lindt & Sprüngli became an official member in 2021 to support progress and collaboration towards its sustainable packaging commitments.

Since 2022

GreenBiz Executive Network (GBEN)

The GreenBiz Executive Network (GBEN) is a membership-based, peer-to-peer learning forum for sustainability executives from the world’s largest companies. It provides access to the most current thinking on sustainability in the corporate setting to enable members to gain guidance and insight for better decision-making.

GreenBiz Logo
CLEF logo
Since 2022

CLEF Child Learning and Education Facility

CLEF is an innovative public-private partnership focused on scaling investments to systematically improve access to quality education in Côte d’Ivoire. Scaling education is an essential tool to promote children’s rights and combat child labor. The partnership brings together the Government of Côte d’Ivoire, the cocoa and chocolate industry, and philanthropic organizations.