Material Efficiency For Sustainable Packaging

Packaging material, and thus material efficiency, plays an extremely important role in the production chain of Lindt & Sprüngli because chocolate is a very delicate and fragile product. It ensures the hygienic condition of our premium chocolate and protects it from external influences such as undesirable odors, light and temperature changes during transportation and in-store in order to maintain the products’ high quality.

Sustainable Packaging and Material Efficiency

Already now, large amounts of our bestselling assortment, as for example chocolate tablets or hollow figures, are packed in recyclable materials, such as paper and aluminum foil. Lindt & Sprüngli takes the matter of plastic waste, and also our responsibility towards the environment, very seriously. We understand that we can make a real difference through our packaging and through high material efficiency, and see it as our permanent duty to consider, and wherever possible also realize, any potential improvement to our packaging. This is also reflected in one of our commitments: We work towards 100% recyclable packaging — We are committed to reduce our packaging waste in production as well as packaging destruction every year — We are committed to constantly increase the percentage of plastic free packaging we use on a global scale.

Cooperation with Packaging Manufacturers

We work with leading packaging manufacturers in the respective sectors who are very keen to ensure sustainability and material efficiency along the entire supply chain. When making material procurement decisions, we consider our suppliers' performance in terms of sustainability among other criteria. This allows us to integrate supplier compliance into our supply chain management for packaging material and material efficiency and improve the performance of our supplier portfolio over time. One important selection criterion, for example, is the condition of production facilities as well as any programs in place for their continuous improvement. This is why manufacturers receive regular visits from our trained internal auditors.

Most of our packaging manufacturers use modern production technologies which reduce the use of paints in particular and the amount of raw material needed. When buying our packaging materials, we often source these from suppliers located close to our production sites in Switzerland, the EU, and the USA. This helps to avoid long transportation routes and high emission levels.

Our Program to Ensure Sustainable Packaging

Please find more information in our Sustainability Report.