Statement of the Group CEO

Lindt Sprüngli-Dr Dieter Weisskopf-CEO

Dear reader, 

Sustainability is an integral part of our business model and is integrated into our global business framework. Our goal is to actively foster sustainable development and increase our positive impacts in all relevant areas. We structure our sustainability topics into the three major areas sourced, produced, and consumed. It starts by engaging with cocoa farmers to improve agricultural practices and tackling issues such as poverty and child labor, continues to finding solutions for resource-efficient chocolate production and ends with the transparent communication to our customers.

Because we control the production process from start to finish, we can guarantee high quality and comprehensive commitment to sustainability. We are convinced that full taste and enjoyment can only develop when outstanding quality and a responsible handling of people and nature go hand in glove with one another.

We focus on sustainability issues that are important for our business and our stakeholders – the so-called “material issues” as defined in our sustainability strategy. Despite the complexity of the subjects, we have achieved a lot in recent years. But we also know there is more to do and we need to continue our efforts to understand and tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead. We follow a continuous progress approach, where we want to improve our performance step by step. With this in mind, we continuously strive to enhance our contribution to a sustainable future, so that our stakeholders can fully trust in Lindt & Sprüngli’s premium quality chocolate products.

I invite you to read about our initiatives on these pages. You find further details on our most recent achievements in our yearly sustainability reports here.


Dr. Dieter Weisskopf

Group CEO