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14 February 2021

A chocolate box, a letter, and six weddings

Valentine's Day | February 14, 2021


Kilchberg, February 14, 2021 – Fairy tales always start with the words “Once upon a time". In occasion of Valentine's Day, we therefore tell an unbelievable love story that sounds like a fairy tale, but is entirely true.

Once upon a time, there was a wedding in Zurich in 1853, for which Chocolatier Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann had the pleasure of creating a very special chocolate. He wrapped every delicious little chocolate bar individually in ornately decorated paper and placed them carefully into a very special box decorated with the bride and groom’s family crest. The bride only turned her attention to the precious gift after all the guests had left and she was able to enjoy one of the lovingly wrapped bars in complete peace. Still intoxicated by the events of the day and delighted with the taste of this unique chocolate, she decided that future generations should also share in this sweet happiness. Her daughter got married 20 years later. She was given that exact box from back then, which had been kept carefully, as a present and good luck charm with the advice to only indulge in one piece of the fine chocolate and give the box to her own daughter as a wedding present one day. The lucky chocolate box was therefore passed from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, from bride to bride. After an incredible 111 years, in 1964, the special chocolate box appeared in Lindt & Sprüngli’s letter box in Kilchberg. A Master Chocolatier carefully attended to the fine box, finding 14 lovingly packaged chocolate bars and six empty spots inside. There was a letter in the ornate and slightly shaky handwriting of an old lady with exactly this fairy-tale-like story.

Original chocolate box by Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann. The family crests of the bride and groom are still clearly visible.

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