Palm oil

We only use pure cocoa butter as vegetable fat for our chocolate mass, which we produce exclusively in-house at Lindt & Sprüngli. Only for the fillings of certain products we use other vegetable fats, such as coconut oil, palm oil or palm kernel oil. We have been using small quantities of these oils for decades and include them on the list of ingredients for each of our products that contain them. In many of our products, such as unfilled chocolate bars or hollow figures, cocoa butter is the only vegetable fat used.

Palm Oil Fruit-Lindt & Sprüngli

Since 2011 Lindt & Sprüngli is an active member of the Round Table on Sustainable palm oil (RSPO). Therefore, we use 100 % palm oil and palm kernel oil, with the RSPO sustainability certificates.
All our production facilities in Europe (Lindt, Caffarel, Hofbauer and Küfferle) only use palm oil that complies with the RSPO segregation model for fillings that contain palm oil. Our local production locations for Lindt and Ghirardelli in the USA use palm oil according to the segregated standard. If this standard is not available, we also use palm oil under RSPO mass balance standard. Russell Stover received RSPO mass balance certification for its own production factories in 2018. More on the RSPO Sustainability Certification Models.