Swiss Chocolate Adventure

Entry of the Swiss Chocolate Adventure in Lucerne

From virgin forest to box of pralines

How did Switzerland, a country known for its Alps, become equally famous for its chocolate? This is a question that the Swiss Chocolate Adventure. An attraction that's unique in Switzerland, the Swiss Chocolate Adventure offers a multimedia journey providing insights into the discovery, provenance, manufacture and transport of chocolate.
The Adventure presents the entire processing and transport chain from the cultivation of the cocoa bean, its transport to Switzerland, and the manufacture and sale of the end product. Seeing, hearing, tasting: this multimedia voyage of discovery appeals to a range of senses.
The Swiss Chocolate Adventure is a collaboration between the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation and the Swiss Museum of Transport. Both institutions reflect typical values of Swissness such as tradition, pioneering spirit and innovativeness and, as such, contribute to strengthening 'brand Switzerland'.
Alongside existing target audiences, the Swiss Museum of Transport is increasingly keen to address foreign visitors.