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Here you will find all job vacancies within Lindt & Sprüngli. Select the Country you are interested in to view detailed job descriptions that will provide information on the duties involved, the required applicant profile and the relevant contact person.


Are you a recruitment agency or headhunter? If so, please read the relevant information.

Disclaimer: In general Lindt & Sprüngli does not accept candidate submission by unsolicited third parties. Candidates presented by unsolicited third parties (e.g., recruiters, head-hunters, etc.), will not be considered, nor will a contractual relationship be formed by such submission. Lindt & Sprüngli is not obligated and will under no circumstances pay any fees to third parties submitting candidates in this manner unless there is a common agreement between the agency and the Lindt & Sprüngli subsidiary.

Spontaneous applications

Many of the spontaneous applications we receive are of interest to us. However, in order for us to work together successfully, we recommend you bear the following points in mind when applying:

  • Consult our vacancies and ideally apply for a specific position – this gives us an idea of your interests. We always advertise all open vacancies online.
  • If you are unclear about anything, please contact the local HR department to discuss further steps.
  • Consult our list of vacancies regularly and/or set up a job alert to receive updates about new vacancies.

If none of the advertised vacancies suit your search, but you are confident that your profile will be of interest to us, you can submit a spontaneous application online. We will then evaluate your application dossier with reference to current vacancies and keep your dossier on file. Please also refer to our tips on preparing your application dossier.

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