Lindor - The smooth creation by Lindt

Maitre Chocolatier creating a Lindor truffle with fresh chocolate and a golden whirl

The smooth-melting Lindor recipe was created by the Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers in 1949 in Switzerland. The real secret of its success is the perfect, uniform consistency of the filling and how to achieve it. That could only be truly honoured with gold and the Maîtres Chocolatiers combined the name “Lindt, with the French word for gold or.

Every minute around 7000 Lindor balls are consumed around the world.

The very first format has been the Milk chocolate tablet, while the first balls were launched as Christmas decoration in 1967.

The vision that Lindor would develop into a worldwide success became reality. It is still the most successful Lindt product.

Every year, many different flavors and formats have being introduced and enjoyed all around the world.

Lindor truffle in melting chocolate
Red wrapped Lindor truffles
Variation of colorful Lindor truffles

Lindor TV-Commercial