Hello - Nice to sweet you

Colorful Lindt Hello products in front of city skyline

In 2012 the Lindt introduced a developed range within the product family. The modern and innovative line named Hello introduced a modern and innovative flavours and creative formats to cosmopolitan chocolate lovers and Lindt fans who appreciate a humoristic and colourful re-invention of classic products, such as Easter bunnies, Santas or gifting items.

The HELLO lifestyle range had its successful launch in Germany in 2012 and is now available around the globe.

The trendy collection of contemporary and delicious premium chocolates, available in bars, sticks and boxes.

Its young presentation and sophisticated taste combinations delight the consumers and offer an explosive chocolate experience.

Lindt Hello sticks in melting chocolate
Variety of colorful Lindt tablets
Variation of Lindt Hello products

Hello TV-Commercial


Hello - Nice to sweet you