Gold Bunny - The icon of Easter for more than 60 years

Maitre Chocolatier creating a Lindt Goldbunny

As one of the most traditional Lindt products, the Gold Bunny first opened his eyes to the world of chocolate in 1952. People of all ages and all over the world know, spring is not far away when the Gold Bunny appears again with his characteristic bell around its neck. Today the Gold Bunny is available in four different flavours and comes in six sizes, from 10 grams up to one kilogram.

The Gold Bunny has been just as much part of an nest as Easter eggs.

With more than 135 million sold, the icon enchants Easter year after year.

In 2015, the Gold Bunny presented his new, stylish fur.

Goldbunny in melting chocolate
Goldbunny in characteristic gold foil with red bell necklace
Varity of Goldbunny products

Gold Bunny TV-Commercial