Excellence - A symbol of perfection

Excellence chocolate tablet

Back in the 1980’s Lindt had a pioneering role in shaping the market of dark chocolate with the launch of its innovative extra-thin Excellence bar. It is designed to melt quickly, releasing exquisite tastes and aromas, and to give way to a unique, elegant mouth feel. From the complex (the dark cocoa percentage range), to the experimental (the dark ingredients range), more than 300 million bars are enjoyed worldwide every year.

Historic Lindt Excellence wrapper from 1989-2007

In the 1980’s Lindt played a leading role in the growing popularity of chocolate with a very high cocoa content

Lindt Excellence perfectly combines intense dark chocolate and finest ingredients into thin elegant diamonds.

Nowadays available in more than 30 flavors, the Excellence line has become one of the most successful product ranges.

Lindt Excellence diamond in melting chocolate
Excellence Lindt
Excellence Chili Lindt

Excellence TV-Commercial