Creation chocolate tablet

An indulgent range of chocolate

In 2012 the Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers developed a product range for sophisticated gourmands. Each product enchants with multiple textures and elaborated flavors enrobed in a shell of fine Lindt milk and dark chocolate. Complex textures – soft, creamy, crunchy – allow for a voluptuous sensation. The chocolate coating contrasts the tender moistness of the truffle or the airy texture of the mousse or the crunchiness of crème brulée.

Lindt Creation is a range of filled chocolate tablets inspired by traditional dessert recipes.

Sophisticated recipes and indulgent textures let you dive in a truly indulgent sensation.

Every season new flavors and limited editions are added to the range.

Making of a Lindt Creation chocolate tablet
Elegant wrapping of a Lindt Creation chocolate tablet
Variety of Lindt Creation chocolate tablets displayed as a fan

Creation TV-Commercial