Traditional brands with Austrian charm

HOFBAUER is an Austrian chocolate brand that was founded in 1882 in Vienna by Carl Hofbauer and acquired by Lindt & Sprüngli in 1994. HOFBAUER delivers high quality confectionery pralines with carefully selected ingredients and loves to provide pleasure to its consumers with Viennese charm throughout the whole world.
Since 1865, KÜFFERLE has been accompanying its consumers with declicious chocolate creations. The traditional Austrian brand delighted young and old with the familiar taste of its famous Katzenzungen (cat’s tongue) that have been invented in 1892 and ever since brings joy to the whole family. Another iconic Küfferle produduct is the Schokoschirmchen (chocolate umbrella), invented in 1950, and since then steady companions, whether as decoration on Austrian Christmas trees, or "dressed" as carrots during Easter time. The KÜFFERLE brand was acquired by Hofbauer in 1972.

Packaging of Hofbauer pralines
Package of Küfferle Katzenaugen showing two cats


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