Product quality & food safety

As producer of some of the world’s finest chocolates, we do not want to compromise on quality or food safety. Through the Lindt & Sprüngli Promise, we have committed ourselves to sustainable behavior along the value chain. We carefully select the most premium ingredients from world-renowned growing regions and process and finish them with perfection.

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The company has appropriate internal and external quality control mechanisms in place. This quality control includes stringent testing processes, conducted on different levels from raw materials to the finished product. Before shipping a product, we need to be convinced that the product lives up to our high standards and is in impeccable condition. During distribution, we make sure our products reach the consumer in the same condition. Therefore, a careful evaluation of the distribution channels that sell Lindt & Sprüngli products and store them is an important part of our quality control system.

There is an entire quality management network engaged in assuring the excellence of Lindt & Sprüngli products along the value chain. The production process is divided into several levels, each of which has mandatory quality standards the product must fulfill in order to pass on to the next level. Chocolate products exceeding specified internal company limits are consequently rejected.

All manufacturing units are inspected unannounced on an annual basis by AIB International. This independent organization has a long-standing reputation for elevating the food safety in the industry through its standards. All Lindt & Sprüngli production sites have repeatedly and successfully passed the audit. In addition to the AIB Audits, food safety management systems and quality management systems are implemented at manufacturing units. For an overview of the implemented systems, please see our sustainability report.