Customers purchase chocolate depending on different characteristics such as percentage of cocoa, absence of critical ingredients as for example allergen, palm oil, or genetically modified organisms, and the presence of specific labels. Transparent customer communication is therefore highly relevant for Lindt & Sprüngli.

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Taking into account that food allergies can be triggered due even to the smallest amounts of specific proteins, a detailed list of all ingredients used in food products is vital. Lindt & Sprüngli is aware of its responsibility to ensure that all ingredients, including minor concentrations of potential allergens such as hazelnuts and almonds, are clearly communicated to the customer via the ingredient list or allergen information. Therefore, Lindt & Sprüngli notifies its customers by printing a clear warning on the product that may contain traces of specific allergens.

Nutritional values of all Lindt & Sprüngli products are labeled on the packaging in accordance to national and international laws. We follow a strict policy of not making any advertising claims around positive effects of our chocolate to customers’ health – being conscious and aware that chocolate should be eaten and enjoyed for indulgence, in reasonable quantity.

As regards genetically modified food, Lindt & Sprüngli is not involved in any research or development and does not use ingredients that have been genetically modified or derived from genetically modified organisms, as long as non-modified materials are available. Up to now, it has been possible to follow this policy for all LINDT products. Lindt & Sprüngli will continue to adhere to all regulatory requirements regarding the use and the labeling of genetically modified organisms.

Appropriate tests regularly monitor Lindt & Sprüngli chocolates concerning genetically modified organisms (GMO), pesticides or volcanic soil residues such as cadmium.

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