Consumers purchase chocolate according to their individual desires and needs. Decisional elements for choosing the product could be for example the percentage of cocoa or the ingredients list specifying also allergens. Transparent customer communication is therefore highly relevant for Lindt & Sprüngli and its consumers.

Labeling-Shopping Experience-Lindt & Sprüngli

Lindt & Sprüngli is aware of its responsibility to ensure that also minor concentrations of potential allergens such as hazelnuts and almonds, are clearly communicated to the customer via the ingredient list or allergen information. Lindt & Sprüngli informs consumers by printing a clear warning on all products that may contain traces of specific allergens.

A healthy diet is crucial to each consumer’s health. We recommend that chocolate should be eaten and enjoyed for indulgence, in reasonable amounts. Nutritional values of all Lindt & Sprüngli products are labeled on the packaging in accordance to national and international laws. We increase transparency further by publishing information about ingredients and nutritional values online.

Genetically Modified Food (GMO)

With regards to genetically modified food, Lindt & Sprüngli is not involved in any research or development and does not use ingredients that have been genetically modified or derived from genetically modified organisms, as long as non-modified materials are available. While all Lindt, Caffarel, Küfferle, and Hofbauer branded products are already fully non GM, it is Ghirardelli’s objective to make all remaining Ghirardelli recipes non GMO by 2018. As of today, Ghirardelli products such as milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, baking powder, white chocolate, and white baking chips already qualify as non GM. Now Ghirardelli is working on making the remaining Ghirardelli products non GM.

Appropriate tests regularly monitor these products to ensure compliance with pertinent EU and Swiss regulations.

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