Sustainably Consumed

Lindt & Sprüngli delivers products of highest quality to its customers. Strict quality and food safety controls are vitally important to our business, as well as to our customers.

Strict quality controls ensure that our products meet the high standards that we require - from the raw materials to the finished product. Only once the company is convinced that a finished product lives up to our high standards does it leave the factory - in impeccable condition. Lindt & Sprüngli will continue its efforts in research & development, packaging and logistics - in cooperation with its trade partners - to safeguard this treasured quality all the way to the homes of our customers. The company also applies high standards to food safety, correct labeling, and customer information. All measures in place are continuously reviewed and improved and allow the customer to consume the products with a high degree of trust.

The Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation

The Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation focuses on enhancing public awareness of Swiss chocolate traditions and the economic aspects of our industry. It also fosters technical know-how transfer in cooperation with universities and other institutes of higher education. The Foundation promotes industry-specific basic and advanced training for young professionals and supports research projects into new production technologies. The Foundation will provide a chocolate museum for the public. The Foundation will play a key role in the acquisition and preservation of knowledge and expertise on the theme of chocolate in Switzerland. Ernst Tanner, President of the Board of Trustees, stresses:

"We are aware of the national and international importance of the Swiss chocolate industry and therefore have a long-term commitment to safeguarding Switzerland as a chocolate industry center. As one of the innovative pioneers of the Swiss chocolate culture, we are determined to enhance the reputation of Swiss chocolate and also to develop knowledge and expertise about chocolate manufacture and make people all over the world aware of it."