Sustainability strategy

The Lindt & Sprüngli sustainability strategy considers the entire value chain and is based on the material issues. The strategy includes commitments & strategic goals, main activities, indicators for progress measurement, and clear responsibilities for each issue.

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Sustainably Sourced

Our material issuesOur commitments & strategic goals
Secured supply of raw materials
  • We develop and maintain long-term contractual relationships with suppliers for all critical raw materials to secure long-term supply of high quality.
Farmer education & capacity building
  • Farmers delivering to us are capable of applying good agricultural, social, environmental and business practices in the management of their farm.
Agricultural development
  • Our supply of raw materials fosters agricultural development in origin countries.
Biodiversity & soil fertility
  • The cultivation of the raw materials we source does not harm long-term suitability of land for agricultural use.
Investments in rural infrastructure
  • We know about specific rural infrastructure needs in origins of our raw materials, and link/enable the target groups to get/develop access to rural infrastructure.
Diversity of cocoa varieties
  • We contribute to the diversity of cocoa varieties.
Core labor standards
  • Core labor standards are respected within our supply chain.
Climate change & greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain
  • We reduce the carbon footprint in our supply chain. 

Sustainably Produced

Our material issuesOur commitments & strategic goals
Climate change & greenhouse gas emissions in production
  • We reduce our CO2 emissions by reducing energy use, increasing our share of renewable energy use and optimizing transportation and logistics. 
Water & wastewater
  • We reduce fresh-water use and wastewater within our operations.
Environmental impact of packaging material
  • We reduce packaging size and use where possible recyclable materials, while maintaining a balance between gift-giving premium character of packaging & quality aspects of product protection.
Waste & recycling
  • We reduce waste and increase the recycling rate of waste within our operations.
Work culture
  • We maintain an open work culture where respect, trust and fair play characterize our working relationships.
  • We foster teamwork and facilitate communication and understanding across all disciplines, business segments, and geographies to create a company of people who support each other for mutual success.
  • We encourage, recognize, and reward individual innovation, personal initiative and leadership of people throughout the organization.
Employee satisfaction & retention
  • We offer an attractive working environment and maintain or increase employee engagement, satisfaction and employee retention.
Employee development & training
  • We ensure that all key positions are staffed with qualified and motivated employees and that talented employees are developed internally to fill these positions.
  • We support our employees in finding and maintaining a healthy work-life-balance. We therefore strive to find the right balance between working on efficiency/productivity and offering the employees support to cope with the increasing work requirements. At the same time, we give employees increasing empowerment to coordinate their private life and work in their preferred way whenever possible.
Occupational health & safety
  • We offer a healthy and safe working place. Our vision is zero lost time accidents.
Social security & compensation
  • Our compensation, remuneration, benefits or social security schemes meet or exceed law requirements.
Diversity & equal opportunity
  • We offer equal opportunities and foster diversity in employment, development, and advancement for those qualified. We are not discriminating in hiring and employment on the grounds of gender, age, religion, political opinion, union affiliation, disability, national or social origin, sexual orientation, ethnicity or color, or any other relevant characteristic protected under the applicable law.
Local economic development
  • We foster local development around our production, marketing and distribution sites.
Corruption & anti-competitive behavior
  • We are not participating in any corrupt or anti-competitive behavior.
  • We want others to benefit from our successful business and make in-kind, financial and time contributions to good causes.

Sustainably Consumed

Our material issuesOur commitments & strategic goals
Product quality
  • We adhere to superior measures to ensure product quality.
Product Safety
  • We adhere to superior measures to ensure product safety.
Consumer & customer satisfaction


  • Customer and consumer satisfaction is the main goal of all our activities.
  • Consumer complaints, inquiries and compliments are handled on time and individually.


Genetically-modified organisms (GMO)
  • Lindt, Caffarel, Küfferle, Hofbauer branded products are non GM.
Product information & labeling


  • We apply high standards to consumer information.
  • We apply correct labeling on our products.


Marketing & advertising practices
  • Children are not our main target group in marketing and advertising practices.