Sustainability approach

Lindt & Sprüngli is committed to manage sustainability impacts emerging from its operations along the entire value chain.

We follow a continuous progress approach, where we want to improve our performance step by step. With this in mind, we continuously strive to improve our contribution to a sustainable future, with a focus on the most material issues along the value chain. Progress along a set of key performance indicators is continuously measured.

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Lindt & Sprüngli material sustainability issues along the value chain

Sustainability Strategy-Lindt & Sprüngli

The significance Lindt & Sprüngli attaches to responsible corporate behavior is reflected in different group policies and our sustainability strategy, which defines the way Lindt & Sprüngli is doing business. 

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All company policies are guided by the principles anchored in the Group Credo. They cover our commitment in the areas of workplace health & safety, ethical business conduct, supplier conduct as well as environmental protection.

Corporate Policies-Lindt & Sprüngli

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We report on a yearly basis about the progress made with regards to corporate sustainability: The sustainability report is published to provide stakeholders with comprehensive information about Lindt & Sprüngli goals, measures and progress. All facts and figures cover the Lindt & Sprüngli brands LINDT, Ghirardelli, Hofbauer, Caffarel and Küfferle. The sustainability information in the report and on this website does not yet include the recent acquisition of Russell Stover and its brands. Where not otherwise stated, the facts and figures cover all production, distribution, and marketing sites as well as regional Lindt & Sprüngli offices. 

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