Palm oil

For the production of our solid chocolate, the only vegetable fat Lindt & Sprüngli uses is pure cocoa butter. Palm oil is used only in some fillings, among other vegetable fats. In the global context, our consumption of palm oil and palm kernel oil represents approximately 0.005% of the world harvest of more than 60 million tons.

Palm Oil Fruit-Lindt & Sprüngli

As a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), we purchased since 2011 exclusively crude palm oil as well as palm kernel oil according to the RSPO Book & Claim trading system and since December 2015 according to the sustainable certified RSPO Segregation model “Segregated palm oil” for all LINDT products. By sourcing through the RSPO segregation model, we ensure the traceability of palm oil and that 100% of the physical product we use originates from RSPO certified plantations. Please visit the Lindt & Sprüngli RSPO member page for more information.

Lindt & Sprüngli shares the concerns related to the cultivation of palm oil and is committed to sourcing sustainable palm oil. Thereby we ensure the protection of rainforests and a rich biodiversity. The switch towards segregated palm oil is an important milestone of the efforts for a sustainable palm oil sourcing.

Precondition for RSPO certified palm oil is that no primary forests or areas with high biodiversity value can be cleared. Responsible palm oil growers also commit to reduce the use of pesticides and fires; fair treatment of workers according to local and international labor rights standards, and to inform and consult with local communities before the development of new plantations on their land. Local experts assess and certify palm oil plantations against these requirements.