Seducing expression of Piemontese chocolate tradition

Headquartered in Luserna San Giovanni (Torino), Caffarel SpA was established in 1826 and was acquired by Lindt & Sprüngli in 1997.
From modest artisanal beginnings, it evolved over decades to secure an unprecedented position in the Italian chocolate and confectionery industry.
The true story of gianduiotto chocolates began when Caffarel first launched a new type of chocolate, obtained by carefully mixing and blending together cocoa powder, sugar and Piemont’s famous round and gentle variety of hazelnuts, known for their fine, distinctive flavour. With this fragrant mixture made into a smooth paste, Caffarel started the production of chocolates that were special in every respect.
Thanks to this perfect integration between traditional expertise and the resources of an increasingly advanced technology, Caffarel is the symbol of tradition and innovation in the world of premium chocolate.
In addition to the unquestionable good quality, the meticulous attention to detail and the extraordinary packaging, enable Caffarel to be present at the best confectionery shops in Italy and worldwide.

Famous Caffarel Gianduja triangles wrapped in gold foil


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