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Dear Shareholders, it gives me great pleasure to look back with you at a highly successful and eventful financial year...
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FINANCIAL YEAR 2014 10.03.2015

  • Sales in Swiss francs terms up 17.4% to reach a total of CHF 3.385 billion
  • Organic sales growth of the Group (excl. Russell Stover) at 9,8%
  • Operating profit (EBIT) rises by 17.4% to CHF 474.3 million (EBIT Margin: 14.0%)
  • EBIT excl. Russell Stover at CHF 444.3 million (EBIT-Margin: 14.2%)
  • Confirmation of long-term strategic growth and earnings targets


Kilchberg, March 10, 2015 – In the financial year 2014, Lindt & Sprüngli reported sales in Swiss franc terms worth CHF 3.385 billion. This is a growth of 17.4 % against in the previous year. Including non-recurring costs and special expenditure based on IFRS standards in connection with the acquisition of Russell Stover, the company reached an operating profit (EBIT) of CHF 474.3 million (+17.4 % against the previous year).


In local currency terms, acquisition-adjusted organic growth of 9.8% is well in excess of the medium to long-term annual growth target of 6-8%. Excluding the proportionate contribution of Russell Stover, the EBIT margin grew by 20 basis points to 14.2% in line with the strategic earnings forecast of an increase of between 20 and 40 basis points.


These good results were achieved despite largely subdued consumer sentiment, high commodity prices, and a challenging currency situation. The above-average growth of the Group once again clearly exceeds that of the chocolate markets and was driven by higher volumes and innovations, further progress in the seasonal sector, and strong development of the company’s own global network of retail outlets. Substantial market share gains were made in all the core markets and in the emerging growth markets.

Global Retail

The expansion of the worldwide distribution of LINDT products is probably one of the company’s most outstanding achievements in the past two decades: when the current management team took over the reins in the early 1990s, there were numerous gaps on the global map. The aim of the geographical expansion of the Group was to...

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